3 Axis CNC Machines

Diversified Machine Systems 3 axis CNC machines are widely recognized for their superior durability and repeatability, and are trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide because of their well-earned reputation for excellence. All of our 3 axis CNC machines feature a stress-relieved steel frame that is completely fabricated and assembled in-house, this ensures all of our machines meet the highest standards of quality.

And each DMS 3 axis CNC machine comes standard with a Fagor Controller and a corresponding Fagor Sercos Drive System, which are recognized as the best in their class for true tool path stability, speed and accuracy. We offer a variety of 3 Axis CNC machine configurations, as well as the option to design a custom solution based on your needs.

D3 3 Axis CNC Machine

3 Axis CNC MachineThe D3 3 Axis CNC Machine features structural enhancements for increased rigidity and stability. By providing a stand-alone operator control station with a Fagor Servo Drive System with Absolute Encoders, has resulted in a more efficient machine footprint. Now with the option of a traveling carousel for increased tool capacity, the system is also capable of machining pass-through parts.

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Enclosed 3 Axis CNC Machine

3 Axis CNC Machine The Enclosed 3 Axis CNC Machine offers an enclosed workplace. This machine is ideal for keeping dust & debris contained while still offering the productivity and precision of a Fagor 8055 Control System and matching Serco Servos Drive System. This machine is a proven solution in the composite industry, woodworking, as well as mold & pattern making.

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Moving Table 3 Axis CNC Machine

3 Axis CNC Machine

The Moving Table 3 Axis CNC Machine offers a stationary bridge with moving single or twin tables, and single or multiple spindle options. This machine comes standard with a Fagor 8055 Controller and matching Fagor Serco Servo Drive System.

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Gantry 3 Axis CNC Machine

3 Axis CNC MachineThe Gantry 3 Axis CNC Machine is available in a standard duty or heavy duty format. Featuring a Helical Rack & Pinion on the Gantry, this machine also comes standard with Absolute Encoders on all linear axes.

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