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DMS Internship Program

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About The Diversified Machine Systems Internship Program

In the summer of 2013, DMS launched the DMS Internship Program. This program was designed to offer qualified students opportunities to work hands-on in the Sales & Marketing Department, and now the in-house Engineering Department at the DMS World Headquarters at 1068 Elkton Drive in Colorado Springs.

For the marketing internship, students participate in a semester-long program assisting the team with the demands of continued growth and global expansion as they relate to video, social media, blogging, photography, graphic design, web design, trade show marketing, and inbound marketing as well as client and distributor support. The engineering internship trains students on designing machine components in SolidWorks, project management and organizational improvements. No two internships are alike, as machine requests are unique for many DMS clients, new product lines are regularly being developed and the marketing stays in step with the company’s innovation.

This program was developed as an effort to enable the student community to get a true experience of manufacturing as well as marketing or engineering as they help DMS stay on the cutting edge of market demands from the manufacturing factory. Each internship is for a course semester for college course credit, as they work side-by-side with the in-house team working on real-world initiatives, oftentimes giving them content for their portfolios. Each student gets a press release through PRWeb, as well as other resume-building resources as PR opportunities arise (such as Jordan Janzen getting to shoot Senator Michael Bennet’s visit to DMS as part of his Colorado Innovation Tour).

In 2013, DMS signed a standing agreement with Pikes Peak Community College to offer this internship to their Graphic & Multimedia Design students and have recently opened it up to Engineering & Machining students. Any qualified student with college course support is welcome to apply.

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DMS Internship Program Graduates

Jordan Janzen – Spring 2014 // Graphic & Multimedia Design Major at Pikes Peak Community College
Read about Alex in his press release.

Austin Light – Fall 2013 // Graphic & Multimedia Design Major at Pikes Peak Community College
Read about Austin in his press release.

Kenton French – Fall 2013 // Graphic & Multimedia Design Major at Pikes Peak Community College
Read about Kenton in his press release.

Alex Norrod – Summer 2013 // Marketing Minor at Colorado College
Read about Alex in his press release.

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How We Review Applications

All submissions go directly to the head of the corresponding department – please no phone calls.

If we don’t have an internship currently open (for example, if it’s mid-semester or if the program is full) that you’re looking for, we may still reach out to you to see if you’d be available at the following program start time. The best way to know about our open opportunities is to stay connected with us on our social media.

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