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The aerospace industry is comprised of companies that create space vehicles, aircraft, engines, cabin interiors and components, air frame structural assemblies, and many other high strength, low weight products.

The companies and manufacturers in this industry sector realize that creating stronger, lighter parts and products keeps their final costs lower and improves their finished products. Thus many manufacturers are creating their parts out of materials such as light weight plastics and composites rather than metals.

The use of strong, light weight composites such as: Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Polymers (FRP’s) and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Polymers (CFRP’s) are making significant changes to the aerospace industry. Planes made with CFRP wings, and fuselages are lighter weight (up to 35% less), more aerodynamic, stronger, resist corrosion better, and require less maintenance than aircraft built using traditional materials. In addition, lighter weight aircraft require less fuel to fly which lowers yearly operating costs.

CFRPs are lighter, stronger and more durable than steel or aluminum. CFRPs are so strong that at one-quarter the density of steel, they are two to three times stronger than steel. Not only that, they’re significantly lighter as compared to metal and are having a large impact on the aerospace industry. The use of carbon fiber materials speeds up the production process and reduces production costs.

DMS CNC 3 and 5 axis routers and machining centers are valuable to all sectors in the aerospace manufacturing process, from design and development to final construction and fabrication.

Our machining centers are used to create small scale aircraft prototypes in materials such as clay and foam during the design process. Our machines are also used to cut, shape and drill plastic, metal, and composite parts used in the cabin, cockpit,and air frame of the aircraft.

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